Sleep Series
Dr. Lawlis guides you step-by-step, month-by-month, so that you may use the Sleep Series in the most effective manner possible – and get the maximum benefit possible. Receive one program per month, beginning with “Imagery For Weight Loss”. $19.95 per month, cancel anytime. $19.95

Individual Programs:

Imagery For Sleep Induction
Sleep is not intended to be a time of limited mental activity – in fact, perhaps the most important role of sleep is to provide the time and space for your brain to process, categorize and interpret your day’s activities. If the sleep aid you use gets you to sleep by “knocking you out”, that’s not the kind of sleep that does the best job at restoring mind and body. “Imagery for Sleep Induction” will train your brain to naturally enter a restorative state of sleep, and maximize sleep’s therapeutic benefits. $19.95

Music For Sleep Induction
Once you have absorbed the principles of “Imagery for Sleep Induction”, use “Music for Sleep Induction” to graduate to achieving deep, restorative sleep without spoken direction. Special frequencies, modalities, tempos and rhythms from the first MP3 are now associated with sleeping restfully and are used in this MP3 to achieve a state of restorative sleep that is not dependent upon verbal guidance. $19.95

Circle Of Breath
The Mind-Body Connection begins with conscious breathing. The “Circle Of Breath” will help you achieve a strong Mind-Body connection, creating the optimal state of sleep for mental and physical restoration. $19.95

Progressive Relaxation
The skill of progressive relaxation enhances your ability to transition from a tense state to a relaxed state. Use this program especially after days in which your body has taken a physical toll. $19.95

Thought Control
Racing thoughts and uncontrollable anxiety-provoking imagery are two of the most common conscious disruptions to being able fall asleep – and to getting back to sleep if you wake in the middle of the night. This program “trains” your brain to relax its thinking when you set out to sleep. $19.95

Imagery Paths
The advanced use of Imagery allows you to tap into the power of re-training your mind and behaviors for the goals that you desire to achieve. Imagery paths will show you how to navigate your thinking so that the natural result is the achievement of your goals. $19.95

Muscle Release For Sleep
Consciously releasing the tension in your muscles creates a deep and penetrating body-centered relaxation. Feelings of weightlessness, detachment and physical peace. $19.95