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The MindBodySeries Weight Wellness Series guides you in re-training your brain to create and enjoy new, healthy habits that naturally lead to weight loss and long-term weight wellness.
From the Desk of Dr. Frank Lawlis:

Dear Friend,

Who you are is a direct result of the thoughts you think. If you are overweight, your thoughts generally are negatively related to your goal of losing weight. “I HAVE to go workout today”, “I HATE this diet”. The only positive thoughts you generally have exist in your conversations about your weight program with other people. And these are just your conscious thoughts – which are just the tip of the iceberg! The real power in thinking is in the language and thoughts your subconscious mind uses.

The subconscious mind’s thoughts are those that have created your current physical condition. Those thoughts are automatic, very powerful, and generally exclude exercise and include an over-abundance of unhealthy foods. This is why we may start a diet with the best of intentions; we may buy a great piece of workout equipment with every intention of really using it – but is why over 90% of the time, we don’t follow through. These automatic thoughts happen in the background, and lead us astray. They are habits of thinking that we have created over years of time. Remember that your subconscious thoughts are so very powerful, that again, over 90% of people who start a diet and exercise program don’t last a week on it.

Your thoughts created the person you now are – ON ALL LEVELS.

Imagery is the ONLY tool that has been proven successful in re-training your subconscious to create thoughts that support the goals you set – rather than thoughts that work against those goals. NOW – if subconscious thoughts are so powerful that 90% of us don’t follow through on new patterns – (no matter how beneficial they are to us!) – then IMAGINE how powerful you will be in achieving your goals when your subconscious stops “distracting” you and starts WORKING FOR YOU.

Warmest regards,


Stress, depression and anxiety have both psychological and physiological effects on the body that interfere with weight management. Relaxation decreases those effects and creates a body-state that promotes weight management.

If you are stressed, depressed or anxious, psychological and physiological factors work against your ability to manage your weight. Successful relaxation reduces and even eliminates these factors giving your body the opportunity to take full advantage of changes in diet and exercise habits. This means greater results with less effort.

All MINDBody Series MP3s are interwoven with a soundtrack that contains audio that induces deep meditative states. [/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2]

“Imagery for Weight-Loss” will help you develop a new perspective on how to view food. You will develop new skills to help you maintain control over you overall weight wellness. By using imagery, you will re-program your thinking around eating which will naturally lead you to make changes physically. It’s that simple – create the tools inside yourself that work to build your outer self. This MP3 helps you use imagery that will naturally encourage you to eat healthier and exercise more regularly.

Get reseults that last and that positively affect your entire life … health, career, finance and relationships.[/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3]

By now, your body has noticeably trimmed and you are naturally gravitating to a healthier lifestyle. You’re eating better, and you’re eager for regular exercise.

This MP3 will help you maximize the effects of the exercise. By creating a positive state of mind specifically tuned to producing heightened physical results, the exercise you do is enjoyable and produces measurable results. Once you are exercising because you want to, you will find that you are in complete control of your weight.

This program is an extremely important part of the weight wellness program and is recommended for all types of exercises.

The MINDBody Weight Wellness Series of MP3’s will put you on a balanced path to achieving all your wellness goals.[/three_columns_3]

Each month you will receive a new MINDBody Weight Wellness MP3 to help you reinforce and build upon the skills you learn, guiding and you as you improve, develop and create a life-long healthy habit. As you progress, so does the Program. MP3s continue to ship monthly until you feel you no longer need the continuing support. Cancel the on-going Series anytime.

The MindBodySeries Weight Wellness Series is a monthly program that will help you achieve your weight management goals. The Imagery MP3s powerfully combine mental and physical exercises designed with the latest in Imagery psychology with a music track that incorporates bio-auditory entrainment technology. Use the Program to help you successfully down the path to Weight Wellness.

Research shows that people fail to lose weight because they try to change from the outside-in. Meaning, they change what they are doing with their bodies – through diet, exercise, even pills – in order to change how they look.

The Weight Wellness Series is about changing from the inside-out. We help you change how you are being – mentally and emotionally. This approach naturally causes your outside to change.

Simply listen to each disk as recommended – your path to Weight Wellness is laid out for you.

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