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Stopping your smoking habit should begin with addressing the mental and emotional barriers to quitting. As much as there is a physical dependency, the mind is where the habit forms initially, and consequently, where you need to start when you are looking to quit smoking.

Dr. Frank Lawlis developed the MindBodySeries Stop Smoking Series based on his success in this area for over 40 years. The program can work alone, or you can use it with any other stop smoking program to dramatically improve your chances of success.


Program 1: Relaxation for Stopping Smoking

This first program creates the foundation for the Series. Using the relaxation techniques that Dr. Lawlis demonstrates serves a fundamental role in stopping smoking. Smokers often smoke as a response to stress and anxiety.

These techniques will address the stress before it turns into the desire to smoke. [/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2]

Program 2: Coping with Cravings

As you consciously decide to stop smoking, you will be more aware of when you are craving it. Those cravings often lead to “falling off the wagon”.

This Program will teach you simple imagery techniques that curb your cravings and “retrain” your brain to truly desire to be smoke-free.
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Program 3: Coping with Social Pressures

Social Pressures, or “peer pressure” can be a strong factor that works against successfully stopping the smoking habit. It is not limited to age group, and can be extremely difficult to resist. Peers do not ordinarily directly coerce you to go back to smoking – it is just that they continue the habit and by being with them you naturally become tempted to begin smoking again.

This program will expose you to simple psychological “tricks” that will minimize the effect of social pressures – without demanding that you stop associating with the people in your life who smoke.[/three_columns_3]

The Smoking Series programs are MP3 files that are available for instant download. It is easy to start, requires no mental preparation, and you can keep smoking even as you begin the program!.

The Smoking Series programs contain audio frequencies and musical techniques that have been demonstrated to help people achieve a clinical state of relaxation which is conducive to improved learning retention.

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