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From the Desk of Dr. Frank Lawlis:

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Welcome to the MindBodySeries Sleep Series. Sleep loss affects 36% of people over the age of 15 and 54% of people over the age of 50. Sleep loss is the cause of tens of thousands of automible accidents yearly. It is responsible for diminished productivity and it affects people’s moods, which in turn affect the relationships in their lives. It is estimated that insomnia accounts for $45 billion in losses yearly to the American economy alone.

Until now, the primary solution to sleep loss has been medication. Unfortunately, although medication will put you to sleep, it also negatively affects the quality of your sleep. People need to sleep to restore themselves physically and mentally. Using medication inteferes with the mind and body’s ability to do this effectively. Many medications cause “hangovers” (a “foggy” and tired feeling) the morning after. The result is that although we are unconscious, we really are not gaining the restorative benefit of sleep.

People that use MINDBody’s Sleep Series report sleeping “for the first time in years”. People wake up refreshed and alert. Without the dulling effects of medication, their bodies and minds fully restore. This carries over into their waking lives, and they report improvements in their lives across the board – relationships, work, and happiness all become positively affected. And it’s no surprise – science has been telling us for years the importance of good sleep. Now, the tools are available to help you get the quality sleep you need.

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Sleep is not intended to be a time of limited mental activity – in fact, perhaps the most important role of sleep is to provide the time and space for your brain to process, categorize and interpret your day’s activities. If the sleep aid you use gets you to sleep by “knocking you out”, that’s not the kind of sleep that does the best job at restoring mind and body. “Imagery for Sleep Induction” will train your brain to naturally enter a restorative state of sleep, and maximize sleep’s therapeutic benefits.

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Once you have absorbed the principles of “Imagery for Sleep Induction”, use “Music for Sleep Induction” to graduate to achieving deep, restorative sleep without spoken direction. Special frequencies, modalities, tempos and rhythms from the first MP3 are now associated with sleeping restfully and are used in this MP3 to achieve a state of restorative sleep that is not dependent upon verbal guidance.[/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3]

Racing or uncontrollable thoughts that cause anxiety make falling asleep a difficult and frustrating process. By learning simple techniques for controlling your thoughts, you will find it much easier to fall asleep, and you will benefit both physically and mentally by the reduction in stressful thoughts. In time, the ability to control your thoughts for the purpose of sleeping will provide you advantages in other areas of your life where calm thinking gives you an advantage. [/three_columns_3]
All MINDBody Series MP3s are interwoven with a soundtrack that contains audio that induces deep meditative states.

Each month you will receive a new MINDBody Sleep MP3 to help you reinforce and build upon the skills you learn, guiding and you as you improve, develop and create a life-long healthy habit. As you progress, so does the Program. MP3s continue to ship monthly until you feel you no longer need the continuing support. Cancel the on-going Series anytime.

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