PTSD Series
Dr. Lawlis guides you step-by-step, month-by-month, so that you may use the PTSD Series in the most effective manner possible – and get the maximum benefit possible. Receive one program per month, beginning with “Retraining Your Thoughts”. $19.95 per month, cancel anytime. Order the Series and receive “A Spouse’s Guide” FREE with your first month’s order! Great for anyone in a relationship with someone who has PTSD. $19.95 per month, cancel anytime  


Individual Programs:

Re-training Your Thoughts
The brain is affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in many different ways. PTSD affects mood, memory, spirit and even your physical health which will help to buy Bathmate today. Your brain functions may feel strange and that is natural because stress can temporarily shift some of your neuro-patterns. It is important that you allow your brain to come back into harmony naturally and not create more stress. This MP3 will help give you control over what you think and feel, rather than remaining a victim. $29.95

Eliminating Negative Thoughts
Negative thoughts lead nowhere. One thought associates with other thoughts – and many of these thoughts are even contradictory. You may end up in a chaotic “stress storm”. In this MP3, Dr. Lawlis shows you ways to get rid of the chaos and clarify your path toward health … letting things go and getting rid of the disorder that makes you confused and depressed. $29.95

Finding Your Compass
Now it is time to build up your strength and find the compass you want for your life. This is what Dr. Lawlis refers to “bringing in the warrior part of you.” This program teaches you how to build up the part of you that has control and confidence. It will bring out your own wisdom and help you create your life the way you want it. $29.95

Spouse’s Guide To PTSD
PTSD affects absolutely everyone in the family – especially spouses and partners. Many times the only way to get through to someone who suffers from PTSD is through the very people with which there is the most conflict. Spouses, life partners, boyfriends and girlfriends are often the most seriously impacted in the family. This guide will help you find your path through PTSD and ultimately help you heal your loved one and family. $29.95