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Creating life appears to be one of the most instinctual motives of humans. To many people it is the top priority and the ultimate purpose of their lives. All life is a miracle, from inception through development, and precious to every person in its own right.

The responsibility for that creation is given a form through this series so that a woman can experience the mystery and beauty of being a part of it, instead of being confused and frightened with its enormity.

Featuring psychologist, author and mother, Dr. Kathleene Derrig-Palumbo, the Pregnancy Series creates a beautiful path for your pregnancy. Through the gifts of guided imagery and music, the languages of the heart, these CDs are designed to enhance the joy of being a vessel for the most significant event two human beings can have.


Program 1: Upping the Odds

The problems of getting pregnant due to stress and lack of self-confidence have been documented for years, and successes have been directly linked to relief of these issues through release by adoption, changes in attitude as well as counseling. However, some individuals have found that these relaxation and anti-anxiety skills are difficult to apply at the time they are needed the most. Dr. Lawlis has combined the most advanced training programs into the bedroom so that the lovers can learn directly what applications may be improving the odds of pregnancy through guided imagery, mutual relaxation, inspirational messages and educational factors for conscious and unconscious concepts. Through the integration of these skills and support, this CD is designed to improve intimate relationships as well as improve the likelihood of pregnancy. [/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2]

Program 2: My Pregnancy

In the normal process of nine months of pregnancy, your baby makes tremendous changes, and many of them have been correlated to some external stimulation that the parent has purposefully programmed, such as music and positive temperament. Although science has yet to verify specific outcomes, reactions of the fetus have been noted and there are very positive experiences for the mother’s experience. This CD is intended to combine many of the approaches thought to promote the infant’s well-being during this time as well as to provide a program for the positive imagery and anticipation of the birthing process for the mother.
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Program 3: Positive Birthing

Child birthing is one of the most feared and awesome experiences of a mother’s life because of the complex emotional events inherent in the process. Although there are many cultures that report no pain, there are others that consider this event the closest gap between a mother and death. Certainly there are many cultural images that lend anxieties and even problematic myths, adding to the problems of a natural process. Dr. Lawlis has validated the four teaching skills of relaxation, positive imagery, special musical stimulations and breathing techniques to the three phases of birthing. His and Dr. Lindberg’s research demonstrated greater health indices of the baby as well as positive memories of the experience. These techniques are not contrary to established published techniques, and can be well-integrated within preferred medical approaches.


The Pregnancy Series MP3s contain audio frequencies and musical techniques that have been demonstrated to help people achieve a clinical state of relaxation which is conducive to improved learning retention.

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