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Dear Friend,

Loss is experienced by virtually every person on Earth. In the case of especially traumatic losses, when grief comes unexpectedly, it is exponentially more difficult to begin the healing process.

It will be the context in which you cope and understand the process of grief that will determine the quality of your life going forward. In one study that studied people who lived longer than 100, the outstanding quality they shared was the ability to deal with loss, especially of friends and family.

Whether it is the loss of a person, job or capabilities, there is a natural process built into each us that keeps us functional and eventually restores us to “normal”. Unless, as is most often the case, we get trapped in one of the “brain storms” inherent in this very difficult time. No one can eleiminate the emotional pain associated with loss, regardless of how it occurs. That pain is a result of the commitment and love you have invested. The intensity of emotional pain is a reflection of the how much we will miss this person and should never be a concern of shame.

The Series is designed to help you progress on a monthly basis. It not only provides symptom-relief by working with you on a new topic each month, it will help you discover a meaningful path through these stressful times. It will help you begin to live your life again.

Warmest regards,

The First 3 MP3s of the Series …

COPING WITH GRIEF AND LOSS is designed to guide you through the process of avoiding the traps of isolation, depression, panic and fear. It will help you move forward and will provide symptom-relief from the emotional pain of grief. It is designed to be played as often as you feel you need the support.


ELIMINATING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: Dr. Lawlis begins the process of helping guide you through your grief. After having used the complete “Coping with Grief and Loss” MP3 program during Month 1, utilizing “Eliminating Negative Thoughts” will help you reduce the high anxiety that naturally accompanies the negative thoughts that come with grieving.

It is important on many levels to get control of negative thoughts. On a personal health level – the anxiety negative thoughts causes breaks down the immune system and opens the door to both minor and major illnesses. And as difficult as grieving is, the addition of an illness makes it exponentially worse. This month’s MP3 will help you train your brain to control and redirect even the negative thoughts that seem beyond your control – and eventually this skill will not just help you through your grief, but help you find new meaning in life.


PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION: Grieving disrupts our life patterns. It is an intensely mental and emotional state of being. Tension and stress, in amounts compounded by grief and the anxiety that comes with grieving, is stored in your muscles. Month 2’s program helps you release that tension – on a physical level – which will help you mentally and emotionally as well. Progressive Muscle Relaxation focuses on releasing tension while activating your muscles, organs and systems. It encourages your mind to engage the physical – which is the first step in re-engaging with life in general.

When you sign-up for the complete Series, you will also have access to the MindBodySeries Grief Series Support Network

Each month you will receive a new MINDBody Grief and Loss Series MP3 to help you in the healing progress, guiding and you as you improve, develop and create life-long healthy mental habits. As you progress, so does the Program. MP3s continue to ship monthly until you feel you no longer need the continuing support. Cancel the on-going Series anytime.



Use the MindBodSeries Grief and Loss Series and feel the positive impact in your life for a full 60 days…

We GUARANTEE that you will be completely satisfied with the results of the Grief and Loss Series when you follow the program as Dr. Lawlis recommends.

If you are not happy with your results after 60 days, email us at and we will give you a complete refund promptly.


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Tools To Cope With Grief And Loss

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I swear by these programs, and as a Nurse Practitioner in Pain Management, recommend them to many of my patients, as well as utilize them personally! I have tried other methods, and have found NONE to be as effective as yours, Dr. Lawlis. – Robin Schaffner, MSN, APN C

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I really found the Sleep Induction program key in my progress. My grief was destroying my ability to sleep, and Dr. Lawlis – this program fixed what I thought could never be fixed again. There’s no way to thank you enough. – Susan

It’s no wonder Dr. Phil recommends your services. Thank you. – Deborah W.

I guess I have the faith because in just 3 days of listening I have already made a change … already this morning my 16 year old asked if I was high on something. I was so pumped up and talkative. – Sharon D.

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