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From the Desk of Dr. Frank Lawlis:

Dear Friend,

Loss is experienced by virtually every person on Earth. Humans grieve in response to loss of life, opporunity, health, love, friendship and even material goods. In fact, grieving the loss of foreclosed homes is very sadly a sign of the times at the moment. When you think back on someone or something you have lost, and you feel that ache in your chest … that’s grief.

It will be the context in which you cope and understand the process of grief that will determine the quality and quantity of your life. In one study that studied people who lived longer than 100, the outstanding quality they shared was the ability to deal with loss, especially of friends and family.

Whether it is the loss of a person, job or capabilities, there is a natural process built into each us that keeps us functional and eventually restores us to “normal”. Unless, as is most often the case, we get trapped in one of the “brain storms” inherent in this very difficult time. No one can eleiminate the emotional pain associated with loss, regardless of how it occurs. That pain is a result of the commitment and love you have invested. The intensity of emotional pain is a reflection of the how much we will miss this person and should never be a concern of shame.

The Series is designed to help you progress on a monthly basis. It not only provides symptom-relief by working with you on a new topic each month, it will help you discover a meaningful path through these stressful times. It will help you begin to live your life again.

Warmest regards,

The First 3 MP3s of the Series …

Your first MP3 of the Series, “Finding Peace: Coping With Grief & Loss Series”, is designed to guide you through the process of grieving. It will make it more meaningful and healthy – and will provide symptom-relief from the emotional pain of grief. It is designed to be played as often as you feel you need the support. When you sign-up for the Series, you will also receive my Grief Series Support Guide monthly newsletter to help you make the most of each new MP3.
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During Month 2 you will learn how to achieve a true state of clinical relaxation and start to make stress-management an automatic part of your life. Stress is linked to heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Learning how to clinically relax is the most effective preventative measure you can take for your health. This month’s MP3 will train your brain to automatically respond to and manage stress more effectively and efficiently.[/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3]

Whether or not you have trouble falling asleep, Imagery is the only sleep aid that does not dull the mind to take effect. Sleep is not intended to be a time of limited mental activity – in fact, perhaps the most important role of sleep is to provide the time and space for your brain to process, categorize and interpret your day’s activities. If the sleep aid you use gets you to sleep by “knocking you out”, that’s not the kind of sleep that does the best job at restoring mind and body. This month’s MP3 will train your brain to naturally enter a restorative state of sleep, and maximize sleep’s therapeutic benefits. [/three_columns_3]

Each month you will receive a new MINDBody Grief and Loss Series MP3 to help you in the healing progress, guiding and you as you improve, develop and create life-long healthy mental habits. As you progress, so does the Program. MP3s continue to ship monthly until you feel you no longer need the continuing support. Cancel the on-going Series anytime.

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