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Dr. Lawlis gives you a fresh and updated perspective on the experience of a child with autism and what you can do to help your child overcome challenges. The Autism Series is the quintessential guide to helping your child attain their life-goals.


Program 1 – Techniques to Help Your Child Find Normalcy, Joy and Success in Life.

This guide provides parents with techniques that can be done at home which will help your child live a normal, joyful and successful life.

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Program 2 – Stress-Relief for Parents and Caregivers.

This program takes you step by step through a process that produces a state of clinical relaxation, which will minimize feelings of frustration, alleviate anxiety and greatly improve how effective you are in guiding your child.
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Program 3 – Music Therapy: Music for Focusing.

This program provides music for children that uses a combination of audio frequencies, musical themes and tempo (speed of the music) that naturally improve the ability to focus, learn and retain new information.
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Program 4 – Music Therapy: Healing Rhythms.

Rhythm stimulates the mind while coordinating it with the body. Specific rhythmic patterns and tempos are used in this program that enhance this effect so that your child’s brain will begin to form the new neuro-pathways necessary to normalize behavior.
The Autism Series Music Therapy MP3s contain audio frequencies and musical techniques that have been demonstrated to help people who are on the Spectrum.

Each month you will receive a new MindBodySeries Autism Series MP3 to help you and your child reinforce and build upon the skills you learn. MP3s continue to be digitally delivered to you monthly via email link until you no longer desire the continuing support. Cancel the on-going Series anytime.

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