ADD Series
The complete ADD Series – “Power To The Parent”, “Power To The Child”, “Healing Rhythms” and “ADD Sleep Induction”. Tools to help maximize your child’s development. $79.80

Individual Programs:

ADD Series – Power To The Parent
Too often the parent of an ADD child is made to feel helpless. Schools and family place the responsibility of their children’s behaviors on the parents, even though there is no possible way for them to ensure that their child behaves as desired. Too few alternatives are offered to them, other than submitting to the “power of the pill.” This CD reviews some easy and effective methods in which the parent can retain the integrity of their family and provide their ADD child with a clear path to success. Very powerful approaches are offered for the enrichment of the parent and child as well as the instillation of effective behavioral management and Penomet review for you also. $19.95

ADD Series – Power To The Child
The child with ADD lives life with an ever-present feeling of lacking control over their future. More often than not, they are criticized for anything they enjoy doing, and without the proper support, their lack of organization becomes even more chaotic. Their lack of control around their strengths actually end up creating a flood of negative consequences. This MP3 is designed to provide a process in which the child or adult may begin from their personal strengths to engage the world. There are special techniques taught on this CD program that will enable individuals with ADD to learn success instead of failure. It is necessary for every child, especially one with perceived limitations, to understand that his or her life is not dictated by their weaknesses – but by knowing their strengths. $19.95

ADD Series – Healing Rhythms
Rhythm works to synchronize the body and mind. It invokes primal responses that help coordinate the brain and body, and stabilize mood. This CD uses very specific rhythmic patterns that encourage the brain to recognize and recall rhythmic patterns. Over time, the user will create their own “internal beat” that they can call upon anytime they need to stabilize their mood. $19.95

ADD Series – ADD Sleep Induction
One of the most frequent issues that confront children and adults with ADD is the quality of sleep. Sleep is probably the most important feature of mental and physical restoration, and for a person with an ADD brain, this can be devastating. The sleep pattern of a person with ADD is much different than average. It is harder to settle down into a sleep pattern because of the tremendous tension built up over the day caused by trying to control the many distractions that are ever-present. This creates the need to learn how to go to sleep instead of expecting a natural sequence of falling asleep upon going to bed. An added problem is that the ADD brain enters deeper sleep cycles than one without ADD, making it much harder to wake it up the next morning. The design of this MP3 is to provide a programmed process in which the individual can learn to sleep naturally, while the music is specifically programmed to help maintain a normal depth of sleep, making it easier to wake up refreshed. $19.95