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The MINDBody IQ Series is recommended by America MENSA, the high-I.Q. society for those who test in the top 2% of the Nation. This series will help you enhance your I.Q. and increase mental performance.

The IQ Series teaches easy-to-use practice techniques that immediately have a positive impact on, memory, testing ability and learning retention. Using imagery to achieve optimal results is used universally by the most successful people.

As Supervisory Psychologist for American Mensa – the high-IQ society for those who test in the top 2% of the nation – Dr. Frank Lawlis conducted extensive research into memory and learning retention. The results of his research form the foundation for the MindBodySeries IQ Series.


Boosting IQ

This MP3 teaches you easy to use techniques that will enhance your memory abilities, improve your test-taking skills and increase your ability to learn new information. As opposed to other programs that require enormous effort to achieve positive results, these techniques are taught using Imagery techniques that allow you to immediately put these tools into practice.

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Music to Enhance IQ

Music has long been known to enhance and induce mental states. Years of research have identified specific frequencies, tempos and harmonic structures that quickly synchronize your brainwaves to induce states of consciousness that exponentially increase your mental abilities. [/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3]

Music to Enhance Work and Study

This MP3 helps to put the mind into the optimal state for learning new information as well as accessing and organizing the information you have retained. It is appropriate for use while studying or working and will help you boost productivity and improve your results. The soundtrack makes use of specific melodies, rhythms, tempos and audio frequencies in order to put your brain into the optimal state for learning and working.

All MINDBody Series MP3s are interwoven with a soundtrack that contains audio that induces deep meditative states.

Each month you will receive a new MindBodySeries IQ Series MP3 to help you reinforce and build upon the skills you learn, guiding you as you develop a life-long healthy habit. As you progress, so does the Program. MP3s continue to ship monthly until you feel you no longer need the continuing support. Cancel the on-going Series anytime.

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