“Since listening to your CDs and learning the tools to deal with stress I am so happy to tell you that my last Echo-cardiogram results my ejection fraction is now at 60% … up from the 48% it was a year after my heart surgery! I’m NORMAL! I owe you my life! Thanks!!!!!” – Monika Barkley, Pikeville, NC

Anxiety Relief Series
Dr. Lawlis guides you step-by-step, month-by-month, so that you may use the Anxiety Relief Series in the most effective manner possible – and get the maximum benefit possible. Receive one program per month, beginning with “Imagery For Anxiety Relief”. $19.95 per month, cancel anytime. $19.95

Individual Programs:

Imagery For Anxiety Relief
Re-train your brain to “default” to a calm, relaxed state. Minimize your anxiety reaction to stressful situations. $29.95

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Imagery for progressively relaxing each muscle group of the body, resulting in a full body, physical state of relaxation. $29.95

Relaxation For Life
Apply the Relaxation techniques from “Imagery For Anxiety Relief” and “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” to everyday life situations. Improve social and work relationships. Reduce muscle pain and inflammation. $29.95

Anxiety Relief Music Module
Music can have a powerful and immediate effect on mood. This program includes audio frequencies, tempo, melodic and harmonic elements that have been demonstrated to induce a state of relaxation. Music for General Relaxation is effective for creating a relaxed mood and atmosphere. There are many potential uses of this program. Meditation, massage, unwinding, visualization are all activities that are well suited for this program. $29.95

Music For Muscular Relaxation
Music for Muscular Relaxation is a soundtrack that utilizes the same frequencies and musical themes that were present in the “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” program. Your mind and body have been “programmed” to respond by relaxing your muscular systems when these frequencies and themes are heard. Use this program to relax sore muscles after exercise or injury, or to achieve a very deep “body relaxation” that is conducive to restoring health to your cells and cellular components. $29.95

Music For Creative Relaxation
Music for Creative Relaxation will provide your mind with audio frequencies that specifically induce your brainwaves to enter the “Theta state”. During theta, the mind is extremely relaxed and creative – this is the state that we enter just prior to drifting off to sleep. When in this state, any you will excell at anything related to art, music, or any other creative activity. $29.95

Healing Rhythms I
Rhythm works to synchronize the body and mind. It invokes primal responses that help coordinate the brain and body, and stabilize mood. This CD uses very specific rhythmic patterns that encourage the brain to recognize and recall rhythmic patterns. Over time, the user will create their own “internal beat” that they can call upon anytime they need to stabilize, enhance and empower their mood. $29.95

“I just wanted to say thank you! I usually have lower back pain that makes it hard for me to get to sleep at night. I was actually surprised when I listened to the CDs the first night. While listening I noticed that my back pain had gone away. Thanks again!”
Wes Wilkinson, Hurricane, UT