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About the Creators:

Dr. Frank Lawlis, is the Chief Content Advisor for the Dr. Phil Show, and Dr. Phil’s mentor and doctoral professor. He is a pioneer in the field of Imagery and has been using Imagery with his patients for the past thirty years with remarkable results. He has focused upon clinical and research methods of the mind-body relationship since 1968 when he received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in medical psychology and rehabilitation. He was awarded the Diplomate (A.B.P.P.) in both Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology. He also received the status of Fellow from the American Psychological Association for his scientific contributions to the field of clinical psychology and behavioral medicine, as well as other awards for his pioneering research in this field. Having served on five prestigious medical school faculties and five graduate psychology faculties, he has blazed new studies and approaches in the care of patients with chronic and acute pain, cancer and psychosomatic problems. Dr. Lawlis has authored and co-authored more than 100 articles and chapters as well as textbooks; Imagery and Disease, Bridges of the Bodymind, Transpersonal Medicine, and The Mosby Textbook on Alternative Medicine.

Gregori Palumbo is a Juilliard School trained concert pianist, composer and sound engineer. Palumbo has conducted extensive research in the field of music therapy, in which music and audio frequencies can elicit very specific responses in mental state and mood. Palumbo’s compositions for the soundtrack of MindBodySeries provides the latest audio technology designed to induce states of consciousness in the listener that enhance the mind’s ability to relax and learn new information. The modalities, harmonies, melodies and tempos used in the soundtrack are layered with audio frequencies that enduce the brain to achieve relaxed brainwave frequencies – the combined effect greatly amplifies the effects of Lawlis’ guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Imagery?

Imagery uses mental symbols to reinforce behavior that lends itself to achieving the goals you want in life.

How is the MindBodySeries different from other relaxation and meditation tapes?

MindBodySeries implements the latest research conducted by the leaders in Imagery and Music Therapy to create a product without equal in the Wellness market.

How does MindBodySeries work?

MindBodySeries conditions you to reinforce behaviors that help you achieve your goals. The result is that you naturally and easily reach your goals – and once you have, it is easy to stick with them.

How do I cancel future CD Shipments?

Just email us at customerservice@mindbodyseries.com, and provide us with your name, order number and request and we will cancel your future orders, no questions asked!

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