Research overwhelmingly shows that a technique called “Mindful Meditation” has profoundly positive effects.

“Mindfulness can increase the speed of recovery in the area of the brain affected by stress, and the more hours of formal practice people have, the faster that area recovers, the data indicates.” -Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


The challenge is to have a way of “practicing” Mindful Meditation that is easy to follow.

Well, as Dr. Phil says, I have a REAL solution for you. It’s practical – you’re going to be able to do it without changing your lifestyle and overwhelming your already overbooked schedule.

The Mindfullness Series will help you build your skill in using one of the most important fundamental tools that humans can use to improve their response to stress. Do this and you will begin to experience an immediate improvement in the quality of your life. Each month you will be provided a new program to further build your skill at Mindfulness – because the better you become at it, the more effective you will be at manifesting the kinds of things you want in your life. Dr. Lawlis and MindBodySeries has made the process easy – by using the principles of neuroplasticity, which is the science of how the brain’s structure can be changed using thoughts.

Your first program, “Gong Meditation” combines two very powerful methods of producing a deep state of relaxation. The first method is the use of the Gong, which makes this program unique. The use of the Gong as a method of achieving deep states of relaxation is ancient. The vibrations that the Gong produces are unique, and when played softly in specific beats, the effect “lulls” your brainwaves to the frequency that produces a deep state of relaxation.

For the second method, I guide you in the practice of “mindfulness”. Mindfulness is awareness that arises from paying attention in the present moment, nonjudgmentally, but you can try Sizegenetics. Meditation that cultivates mindfulness, promotes a positive pattern of electrical activity in the brain. Cultivating mindfulness like this can help break harmful cycles, such as those that accompany depression, in which the mind continues to repeat the same negative thoughts.

As a psychologist and scientist, I can without hesitation assure you that Mindfulness Meditation will help with you in many areas of your life. I have successfully used this precise method to help people overcome anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It is highly effective in that it utilizes the brain-science of “neuroplasticity”. This makes it possible to change the physical structure of your brain so that it naturally processes stress without causing you anxiety.

Just imagine…

In a few short weeks, you will notice that your anxiety has very noticeably diminished! And that is because studies show that by practicing Mindfulness the area in your brain that is affected by stress, which is called the “amygdala”, begins to recover faster and faster from stress – the better you become at Mindfulness Meditation!

Within a month, Mindfulness will become a part of your life – easy to do, easy to fit in, easy to stay consistent with – and incredible results. You will know this is something you can maintain for life – and sooner than you can imagine possible, you will find yourself less anxious and stressed than ever before.

As the Chief Content Director of the Dr. Phil Show and the Chairman of his Advisory Board, Dr. Phil and I hear from many people who struggle with anxiety and most of the time people who suffer from anxiety have a hard time staying focused enough to meditate.

If you’ve

      ever had racing thoughts…

If you’ve

      ever felt anxious in situations you should be calm….

If you’ve

      ever had the sense that you have no time to yourself…

If you’ve

      convinced yourself that the anxiety will just “go away” someday…

If any of

    these things apply to you, then you have to finally be told why:

The nature of anxiety prevents you from focusing – and without focusing, you are doomed to failure!
Anxiety trigger the body’s automatic “fight or flight” response – which subconsciously causes you to fight, run – or freeze! When this happens regularly, it becomes a struggle to calm the mind enough to meditate. Anxiety makes sitting calmly for even a few minutes effectively impossible!

But an Audio Program is perfect for the purpose of keeping you calm and focused. In fact, the Mindfulness Series programs take into account the very nature of anxiety in order to treat it. And the Series won’t just minimize your anxiety. Mindfulness will improve your spirit, rejuvenate and reinvigorate you, and set you on a sure path to long-term optimal mental health.

As a psychologist, I can tell you that it just will NEVER get any easier than this. You turn on the programs and listen. That’s it. There’s no possible excuse. I walk you through the exercises step-by-step so there is literally no effort required on your part to stay focused. In return, you get all the benefits that practicing Mindfulness provides – improving your ability to recover from stress and therefore reducing, minimizing and even eliminating your anxiety.

This program gives you all the benefits of the years of practice that accomplished meditation practitioners achieve – EXCEPT – without the time commitment, and without the sacrifices!

Take advantage of your Natural-Born ability to use Mindfulness Meditation to achieve Peace in your Life!

Here’s a full list of the benefits of the Mindfulness Series

  • Experience ALL OF THE ANXIETY-RELIEF benefits of deep meditation without the time or effort!
  • The Mindfulness Series provides you easy-to use Audio Programs that walk you through the process!
  • Improve your ability to recover from stress – naturally and automatically!
  • Reduces occurrences of minor illnesses, and the risk of developing serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes that are related to prolonged exposure to stress.
  • Effective for anyone at any age!

I am inviting you to possess what thousands of others have gotten from this program – peace of mind. Think about it, how will your life be different once you are free from stress and anxiety?

Warmest regards,

Dr. Frank Lawlis
Chair, Dr. Phil Advisory Board

But Wait! That’s Not All… The Mindfulness Series Re-Trains Your Mind For PERMANENT Anxiety-Relief…

Use the MindBody Mindfulness Series and feel the positive impact in your life for a full 60 days…

We GUARANTEE that you will be completely satisfied with the results of the Mindfulness Series Programs when you follow the program as Dr. Lawlis recommends. See for yourself that this is the easiest and most effective way you’ve ever imagined to achieve true anxiety-relief AND the positive life effects that come with your new anxiety-relief skills.

If you have used the program AS DIRECTED and are not happy with your results after 60 days, email us at and we will give you a complete refund promptly.


Get INSTANT Access To The…

MindBody Mindfulness Series

Effective, Safe and Easy-To-Use
Mindful Meditation Programs

The retail price of the MindBody Mindfulness Meditation – Gong audio program is $29.95!

However, for a limited time, we are offering a “Dr. Phil Show” discount of $10 OFF per program! Each month you will receive the next Mindfulness Meditation MP3 program in the Series – Month 2 is Mindfulness Meditation – Piano, Month 3 is Mindfulness Meditation – Harp. Cancel the next month’s program anytime.

As a Nurse Practitioner in Pain Management, I recommend it to many of my patients, as well as utilize it personally! I have tried other relaxation methods, and have found NONE to be as effective as yours, Dr. Lawlis. – Robin Schaffner, MSN, APN C

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I have been listening to the MP3′s for about 2 weeks now and…
I feel really great! Somehow different that I ever was in that I am not really anxious I really feel a sense of calm as well I cannot even explain it. …
– PJ

It’s no wonder Dr. Phil recommends your services. Thank you. – Deborah W.

I guess I have the faith because in just 3 days of listening I have already made a change … already this morning my 16 year old asked if I was high on something. I was so pumped up and talkative. – Sharon D.

(We reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without notice.)