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[testimonial3 author=”Monika Barkley, Pikeville, NC” + pic=””]“Since listening to your CDs and learning the tools to deal with stress I am so happy to tell you that my last Echo-cardiogram results my ejection fraction is now at 60% … up from the 48% it was a year after my heart surgery! I’m NORMAL! I owe you my life! Thanks!!!!!”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Wes Wilkinson, Hurricane, UT ” + pic=””]“I just wanted to say thank you! I usually have lower back pain that makes it hard for me to get to sleep at night. I was actually surprised when I listened to the CDs the first night. While listening I noticed that my back pain had gone away. Thanks again!”[/testimonial3]

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From the Desk of Dr. Lawlis

Dear Friend,

I’ve been a clinical psychologist for over 40 years and over the period of my career, I have seen the negative effects of anxiety destroy lives and leave others in tatters.

The effect on the individual and their friends, families and co-workers is tragic.

The only consulation is that stress and anxiety are manageable using these techniques, and by using this program, you will not only improve your chances of enjoying good health, you will find that with your new found anxiety management abilities nearly all areas of your life will improve.

First of all, let’s be clear … anxiety DOES kill. It has been definitively linked to causing heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. But when it doesn’t kill, the effects of anxiety kills the quality of your life.

I’ve refined the techniques that I provide you in the Relaxation Series for over 40 years. I’ve used these easy-to-use techniques to improve productivity in corporations, to reduce illness, lose weight and to decrease dependency on pain medications. I’ve used these techniques when the most powerful pain medications are no longer effective for terminal cancer patients.

The techniques I walk you through in the Anxiety-Relief Series have been developed for use with the most difficult of cases – so they are more than likely to work for you. This program is easy and proven to work, and it could be the solution to getting your stress and anxiety under control.

“I’m extremely happy with the relaxation series!! At first I noticed I was sleeping better. Now I notice that during the day, I’m overall much less anxious or tense. When I start to get anxious, or if my muscles start to tighten up, a switch goes off to where I remember to breathe, and I automatically start relaxing. It’s absolutely wonderful.” – Lorrie

In addition to the psychological and emotional approach, our programs incorporate highly sophisticated musical soundtracks that incorporate the latest discoveries in the area of music, sound and human behavior.

Composer Gregori Palumbo uses two mutually reinforcing approaches in creating soundtracks that naturally and automatically induce a state of relaxation. The first approach is by use of specific musical tempos, harmonies and melodic structures that have been demonstrated to induce states of relaxation that are conducive to learning and retaining new information. You may have heard of this before – it is sometimes called “The Mozart Effect”.

The second approach is the use of audio frequencies that “emulate” brainwave frequencies of a relaxed person’s brain. This emulation remains constant throughout the soundtrack – a barely audible frequency that “lulls” your brainwaves into matching them. This also causes the brain to naturally enter a relaxed state of mind.

Our proven and innovative approach conditions you to finally help put an end to stress and anxiety.

I’ve seen people who are at a breaking point turn their lives around – and succeed at a level they never before dreamed possible!

What’s best, is that once you do the program as we recommend, it will work on “auto-pilot” for you. You will find yourself fundamentally reacting differently to the world and circumstances around you. You will feel empowered and you will know that nothing that comes your way is too much to handle.

I am inviting you to possess what thousands of others have gotten from this program – peace of mind. Think about it, how will your life be different once you are free from stress and anxiety?

Warmest regards,

Dr. Frank Lawlis
Chair, Dr. Phil Advisory Board

Use the MindBody Anxiety-Relief Series and feel the positive impact in your life for a full 60 days…

We GUARANTEE that you will be completely satisfied with the results of the Anxiety-Relief Series when you follow the program as Dr. Lawlis recommends. See for yourself that this is the easiest and most effective way you’ve ever imagined to achieve true anxiety-relief AND the positive life effects that come with your new anxiety-relief skills.

If you have used the program AS DIRECTED and are not happy with your results after 60 days, email us at and we will give you a complete refund promptly.

Included in the Anxiety-Relief Series System:
Program #1:

“Imagery for General Relaxation” MP3 Audio Program

Value – $47
Program #2:
“Progressive Muscle Relaxation” MP3 Audio Program
Value – $47
Program #3:
“Relaxation for Daily Life” MP3 Audio Program
Value – $47
Program #4:
“Music for General Relaxation” MP3 Audio Program
Value – $47
Program #5:
“Music for Muscular Relaxation” MP3 Audio Program
Value – $47

QuickStart Guide:
“Getting Started with the Anxiety-Relief Series” eBook


“Music for Creative Relaxation 1” MP3 Audio Program
Value – $47

That’s a combined value of over $282!


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